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Our doctors have experience and training with a wide variety of exotic animal species such as rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice, chinchillas, and pot-bellied pigs. We have the expertise to provide your pet with the most advanced care available including wellness check-ups, other medical visits, surgery, dental care, and more. Our staff will educate you in all aspects of care & make important recommendations regarding diet, behavior & housing.


Rabbit health series written by Dr. Susan Brown




Wealth of great rabbit information

Guinea Pig Care



Mouse, Rat & Chinchilla Care


  • Caring for your Rodent

  • Chinchilla Care   This a great resource, with the exception that our practice recommends feeding only 2 tbsp of pellets per day, the remainder of the diet should consist of roughage (hay, herbs, sticks to chew, and very few treats) Many chinchilla develop dental disease due to too concentrated nutrition (pellets).



Guinea Pig
Dwarf Rabbit

Rabbit Spay / Neuter Services Offered at a Discounted Rate


If you have multiple rabbits you may soon have many more, hence the saying "breed like rabbits"! However, there are other important reasons to spay & neuter your rabbit.


"Why should I spay or neuter my rabbit?"

  • There are already too many unwanted & unplanned pets on Maui.  

  • Female rabbits over the age of 2 years have a high incidence of uterine cancer & breast cancer which is deadly & preventable.

  • Rabbits make better pets & live together more harmoniously once they have been spay/neuter.

"What's Included?"

  • A complete physical examination and surgical procedure performed by our doctor with more than 25 years experience in exotic medicine

  • The safest anesthesia available for rabbits

  • Careful monitoring before, during and after the surgical procedure.

  • Pain medications during surgery & to go home- an absolute must

  • Complementary nail trim

  • Microchip placement (FEMALES ONLY) optional

  • A rabbit handout, filled with important information on caring for your rabbit & keeping him or her in the best of health.

 "Why is it offered at a discounted rate?"

  • A local non-profit pays a generous portion of the charges. We require a fecal examination on all rabbits prior to the anesthetic procedure to be sure your rabbit is a good anesthetic candidate.






If you are opening your home to a new bunny, please consider those that need homes at the Maui Humane Society & bunny rescue operations before making a purchase at the pet shop. All bunnies have been examined by their veterinarian & are in excellent health. They have been spayed or neutered & are ready to find loving homes. Some of the rabbits are part of a group. If you have a place in your heart & home for one or more we can help you select the right bunnies. Please call Maui Humane Society at 808-877-3680.

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