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Our Story

The Animal Care Hospital was established in 1994 by Dr. Cindy Krach and Dr. Dennis Brown.  Their commitment to you and to the island of Maui helped create who we are today.  It is through their dedicated work that has allowed Animal Care to become a reputable entity in Kula and throughout the island.  Following their retirement, Dr. Dennis M. Barros continues the practice with the same aloha but with an ambitious dedication. His hope is to transform Animal Care Hospital into a practice capable of addressing ANY case that should arrive at our facility.  If you seek a level of care that surpasses all others, Dr. Barros brings nearly 30 years of experience as a doctor and former leader of several highly rated hospitals on the mainland.  His vast experience in the field of medicine and surgery has assisted numerous facilities to become some of the top hospitals in the bay area of California.  In a short time, Dr. Barros has quickly established his reputation on island.  We thank you for your continual and future support in our growth and development.

Meet the Doctor

Meet The Doctor


     Dr. Barros graduated from the prestigious Colorado State University with honors and has 26 years of surgical, medical, and management experience. He lives in south Maui with his partner and two children.  They spend time off swimming in the ocean, fishing, and enjoying all the wonderful experiences of the island. 

     Dr. Barros loves surgery and is adept in all orthopedics, although is experienced in anything presented to him for repair. He is proficient in orthopedic and soft tissue surgery, cardiac/abdominal ultrasound, reproduction, brachiocephalic breeds, congenital defects, TPLO, fracture repair, back disease, cancer management and much more!


     Recently, his own dog, Biscuit became paralyzed with a disc problem in her back. After personally performing spinal cord decompression surgery on her, Biscuit now runs normally and has recovered fully from her paralysis.

    Dr. Barros is always here for whatever your pet may need!

Meet the Staff!

Dr. Dennis Barros DVM, BS CSU '96
Owner & Chief Veterinarian

Meet The Team

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